Beat the cravings and learn to eat better

Hi lovelies, Lauren here and today I’m here to chat about those pesky cravings and how to eat better. This is something I can confidently say that a lot us struggle with, whether this be due to boredom, emotional eating, or convenience. The first task is finding out which category you fall into and it may be more than one, guilty! For me I’m all three, but my biggest one has to be convenience, I mean just last night I was ready to make a healthy meal and went through the freezer for one of the ingredients and you know what I saw? A Mac and Cheese ready meal, and I’d had a long day painting a fence so I went straight for that instead! 🙃 Now, had I planned my meal in advance I would have been less likely to do that! I’m going to address all three mentioned above, and I’ll go through tips to overcome these along with which foods to eat instead.

So you’re a Boredom eater? Oh we’ve all been there, a chocolate bar or two just to break up the day, it’s something to do right? Well not exactly, if like me you struggle with this then I have the tip for you! When you go for the chocolate bar/crisps/cake etc, ask yourself ‘are you hungry?’ If you are then read on below for tips on what food to eat instead. If you’re not hungry then resist the temptation. You can practice combatting boredom by practicing mindfulness which is all about being present and still. You can do a different activity that isn’t eating, such as going for a walk, do the washing up, do a quick tidy of the room, spend time in the garden. For me, even having a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee usually does the trick ☕️

Try taking a walk in nature 🌲

You’re an emotional eater, this one is a tricky one because you don’t just eat because you’re sad, you also eat because you’re happy, excited and every other emotion too. First of all notice your emotions you’re feeling and accept them without feeling the need to anchor these emotions with food. Find other ways to combat this through distraction, such as take a walk, exercise, replace the food with a new positive habit and be consistent with it. It will take time but you will get there if you remain consistent with this one ❤️

You eat food that is convenient? A Big Mac over a home cooked dinner, a ready meal, chocolate, even toast, something just to fill the gap. Yep I’ve been there, the best way to combat this is to meal prep and plan your meals so that you know exactly what you’re having for each meal. If you like snacks and you are genuinely hungry then that is ok, you can replace them for the snacks below. You don’t need to cut out ‘bad food’ as the food isn’t bad if it’s consumed in moderation and the majority of your diet is healthy.

If you’re craving this 👇 then have this 👇 instead:

  • Chocolate – Dark chocolate 80% or higher, nuts, seeds, avocado.
  • Sugar – fruit, yoghurt, granola bars.
  • Crisps – Try vegetable chips made at home such as beetroot, Kale Crisps, there are lots of recipes online

Lastly, make sure to drink plenty of fluids such as water as a lot of the time we’re not hungry we’re just a little dehydrated. I hope you enjoyed the read and found this helpful, if you have any tips to share then please do in the comments below! ❤️

Lauren 🌻

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